But anytime business deregulation comes up on a local / state or federal level, the product doesn’t match the sales pitch.

Thank you for taking the time and expressing your heart felt point of view.

I understand why you pinned your hopes as you did; a federal solution to your issues and the issues of many. I suppose I’m lucky to be in Florida, which is very small business friendly. Many states are not small business friendly. Yet even here, certain mom and pop stores just can’t operate because a few very large American businesses run them out of town with cheaper prices and merchandise that people want to buy.

Deregulating though isn’t being done for us. It’s sold that way. It’s always sold that way. But when the very rich and/or connected talk about small business, they don’t mean mom and pop, even though that’s what we’re sold.

Rather, it’s more akin to how the SBA defines small business.

It’s usually under 500 employees and/or under $7.5 million/yr. Sometimes it’s defined as under 250 employees, which is a little better but still not what we generally think of as small.

They parade around tales of a Bill and Jill running the shoe repair shop Bill’s great grandfather started off from immigration days that they hope to pass on to their children one day and how THEY will bring the change needed for them to run their business better.

But anytime business deregulation comes up on a local / state or federal level, the product doesn’t match the sales pitch.

Businesses hovering just under the line between small business and medium business see the benefits of legislation passed for the very large corporations, but micro businesses like Bill and Jill always end up shelling out more somehow in these programs that were supposed to help them. But it was salesmanship for votes.

Where I *expect* to see some difference is in deregulation of health insurance where anyone can open up a health insurance company and operate out of state, putting them out of the reach of state laws. Wild wild west. Cavaet emptor.

But in other sectors such as manufacturing, I don’t expect to see much change. I don’t expect much change in other micro service businesses. As health insurance is mostly pushing paperwork cleverly, that could be mom and pop.


[if I was starting a new business…and could turn off my conscience… I’d probably sell Health Insurance direct to out of state customers – something similar to the “Discount Dental plans” that no dentists ever seem to honor. Thankfully I have a conscience but I expect a large amount of them to pop up suddenly]



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