Bury me in case aliens resurrect me. Likely? Nope. Still though :)

Respect for the dead:
a) Respect for the body. I don’t know if a future civilization [perhaps alien] will extract the DNA of the bones and perform bodily resurrection.
b) Funerals are social events that bring people together. Many future weddings had their seeds planted at funerals.


I want to be buried, in case of the improbable event of a future alien species doing a bodily resurrection. Likely? Nope. But I’m selfish. I want my stinkin’ 6’x6’x6′ plot. It’s mine and I want it. Or a ditch somewhere. Whatever. Shoot me off into space. That’d be fine too. I don’t buy the whole, “better for the environment” ashes thing, or “waste of space”. They’ve found DNA in mummies that were thousands of years old. Of course, if I were cremated and DNA destroyed, oh well

I have hope for future technologies, even if they won’t necessarily benefit me in particular

Attendance? I wouldn’t care about the ceremony unless it’s what other ppl wanted. And if nobody cared? Oh well. Then I guess I was just a blip on the radar that faded away.

Any benefit on people after I’m dead, will be entirely up to the people who are in control of my body and any tools I worked with. Anything I wrote, said, did, whatever lives on is up to them.

If they wanna throw a party seen by the world, fine. If nothing, or something inbetween? Fine. If my memory and everything I did and every effect I ever had on anybody or anything was voided from existence, then that’s just how it is,

I’ve got: Kenneth Udut: 1972 – ???? – and I can only do anything within the – period of time.

Look back through history; many people never get their names even recorded anywhere. Statistically, it’s most likely that the same will happen to me, given enough time passing by.

Yet, I believe in ripples of influence. Buried within the static of the background radiation, is everything that ever came before. So, the information is still there in some form. There’s immortality built-in to the nature of things. Whether it does anything or anybody any good, well, that’s another question

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