Built 3D models of tinker toys to map the brain

I haven’t reached the deptth of the neural networks, although I’ve looked into that stuff in the past.  I have a mental image of what the ‘system’ will look like eventually.

I’m always trying to bring my brain into the real world, or the real world into my brain.  Here’s an example of one of the things I attempted years ago:

Back when it was not available in stores probably the late 90s, I bought TinkerToys from eBay.  Very expensive because they hadn';t made the in a while.  (they’re back again now of course).

I built 3D models of mindmaps using TinkerToys, labelling each of them with index cards and tape.  It actually worked quite well but the amount of work required versus the results obtained were just too slow to be useful.  But they were a really fun way to explore how related concepts link together.

#minecraft  so far is the closest thing I’ve seen that has the potential of actualizing some of these ideas in a creative environment.   I haven’t figured out HOW exactly yet but I’m getting closer to it.

I love the idea of the gravity wells though, to represent things that grab attention.  It might help propel me forward into my next area of investigation which will be:

implicit memory / procecdural memory – it’s the memory of how to ride a bike – the stuff you still remember even if you have a stroke or viral amnesia.  Also “Illusion of Truth” is an Implicit memory – the way you are more likely to believe something that is familiar to you, even if it’s a lie simply because it’s similar to what you already believe to be true – rather than believing something that is proven to be true, but is foreign to the way you already think.

In other words Prejudice (in good and bad forms) is nearly automatic once you have it.

My way of thinking is this: To improve memory, it probably has to be linked up to this type of memory rather than to the “declarative memory” – autobiographical (what happened to me) and semantic (facts – green fuzz on bread is bad to eat).  I think those types of memory are probaby much slower to use and waste processing power (whatever they call it in the brain – i haven’t learned that yet) :)

I have that “I’m on to something big” feeling on this subject – I always have – and my very first book, should I get to that point, will definitely be about this.  I’d want it to be something that could be 5th grade reading and up – something SO practical and instantly understandable and fun that people can walk away thinking, “I already knew that” when in fact they didn’t – and it becomes a natural part of their thinking helping them accomplish their goals, becoming happier and more fulfilled.  Grandious dreams, but possible.

That’s my first time sharing that little piece right there. I think getting a “You really need to finish writing that book” comment on Facebook from my mother on this post there – even though I wasn’t really writing a book yet – was a bigger encouragement to me than I realized.  It’s good to be validated, for all the times through the years that I bored her to death on this subject :)

I look forward to getting to the point where I will be learning more about the whole gravity-wells / synaptic connections / tinker toys with gravity and wormholes – it may sound crazy but I will have everything backed up by the best of current science.   I’m excited :3

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