Bu corruption = nj = corruption. it’s just the way of life there.


It’s back up . They went through the democratic process internally. The sideshow (which strangely Mike Rowe even weighed in on) was a minor distraction from the process.

It’s a private college, relying entirely on alum grants and student tuition which is why it’s so expensive.

If it was a public college, you could say ‘politicizing tax dollars’ but not in this case, unless you want to go the roundabout way of “what about people who default on their student loans?” which is kind of a roundabout way.

Thank you for opposing Ayn Rand. I have a lot of respect for Ron Paul, although some of what he’s said seemed a little pie-in-the-sky and naive, but then again I have similar feelings about Sanders. Still, the strong ideals each have are the kinds of ideals that can move people and I respect the heck out of that.
Catholic social teaching I’m ok with (although where I grew up there were a lot of institionalized catholic charity care and some of what they did in NJ wasn’t all that great, although with more transparency these days, things have greatly improved.

Oh exactly. I feel free to criticize catholic school and hospitals from where I grew up _because_ of their strength and because I expect them to stay there to keep doing the good things they do. I just want them to do better not go away.

It’d be a disaster if catholic charities ceased functioning. Govt certainly isn’t going to pick up the jobs they do.

They’re profit motivated in NJ. My niece went to one for one year. My sister was shocked at the amount of things they DIDN’T provide for the children there, and they were always wanting more money above and beyond tuition. Public schools do the same things but not as much. She was going broke and she couldn’t see any tangible benefit.

Bu corruption = nj = corruption. it’s just the way of life there.

Never had the experience. NJ public school was ok education wise : but socially it was horrendous and lord-of-the-flies ish at times. I got myself into a private school after reading “Unschooling”, “Summerhill” “why johnny can’t read” when I was 14 and decided I wanted out of public school. My mother was supportive and I managed to essay my way into a tiny private school for my 9-12. Best thing for me.

[that school went under because of corruption after 137+ year of operation a year after I graduated.. but that’s NJ. Corruption is part of everything. Organizations have max privacy and no transparency]


Yeah. Everything that happens in NJ (and NYC as well) is through greased palms, especially business.


That has my respect and I think that’s a fantastic business model. I mean you _could_ go through ethical channels but you’ll have long waiting times.

I mean it depends. I ran a computer business – kind of prodded into it – somewhere in the mid-90s. It was legit, I did everything right except the actual work. ( was young and didn’t know how to market or even what I was doing – but I was good with filling out paperwork and stuff for the officials) – It wasn’t hard to set up but there were a lot of little things to pay.

Far easier in Florida. Much better model here.


“Park Computer Services”. Ugh. I sat in a rented space on a busy road. Only one parking spot available in front of the hole in the wall. When I stopped doing it after six months, the landlord got MAD because we shut off the electricity and heat.

It was the wintertime… and his ne was living in the space above : off our electricity / heat payments.


Deming has my <3 and respect. He was transformational for Japan. The US has _tried_ to implement some of his ideas but has done so haphazardly. For example, in many government offices, they’re required to take the lowest bid. That leads into trouble more often than not but they have no choice.

Oh as far as jobs: I’ve done lots of things. Most profitable was Systems Analyst for ScheringPlough for a few years. Now I run a business – just so happens to be animal trapping. My brother and people he gets does the work. I do the business side, which I was better at anyway. I could do any service business and it’d be the same for me.


There’s always red tape and paperwork and deadlines and phone calls. Florida has so few for most industries. There was more in NJ for doing less of a business.

If I lacked a conscience, I could grow bigger but then I’d have to have to start playing the games that I don’t want to play.


haha I mean I *could* – I used to help my brother out early on. I’ve castrated pigs (once, but it was two and they were too old for it), gutted deer and pigs and stuff, but that’s no different to me than cleaning up elderly poop or baby poop or sister vomit or handling a stinky aggressive male goat as a pet….

but that’s just ’cause I have strong arms and a strong stomach. Shitty back though. Damn toothpick.


I’m more a systems guy. Set things up so that as long as everything works properly, a thing will work, and I usually give PLENTY of tolerances so that a number of components can fail while allowing the system as a whole to keep functioning.

Of course if enough parts fail, the system falls apart. But if the interaction between the parts is strong enough to be cohesive when running (like an old car is hard to start but will run indefinitely once it’s going) and there’s a few backup systems, things can work fine.


Couldn’t afford to finish college. Not even associates. The systems analyst job was fluke. I was temping there, got bored, automated the processes, took on more work out of boredom. Suddenly, I became a critical part of a new profitable system (it was a push to get doctors to prescribe Claritin more over Zyrtec and Allegra – this tells you when it was current).

By that point, having made everything pushbutton, I cut my hours back to 4 a day and started taking community college courses. I figured it’d be a good time to get into education – special ed teacher was my goal But I know how to spot valid opportunities vs overly risky ones and went along with things when the opportunity came up.




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