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I’m posting this here to help me sort out my thoughts as I’m trying to figure out what exactly happened with several ancestors with the foundings of communities. Its not coherent yet — but “thinking aloud” helps me.

So 10th great grandfather …”Michael Tai:ntor, from Wales, was Master of a yacht trading to Virginia in 1653 — he settled in Branford, Conn, and died there in 1672-3. In 1667 Michael Taintor was one of four ” employed and empowered by the town of Branford to buy the house and lands of Richard Harrison” — he and Thomas Harrison witnessed a deed in 1671 — in 1669 he was one of the number chosen on the part of Branford to settle the difficulties relative to the boun- daries between the towns of Branford and New Ha- ven”

Ok who is Richard Harrison ? 11th great grandfather

Richard Harrison, eldest child of Richard and Ellen Harrison, was born at West Kirby on March 31, 1595. He married on July 28, 1619 Margaret Picke, who was born in about 1598. She was the daughter of Thomas Picke, who was born in 1568 in West Kirby and died in 1643. Following the death of his wife Margaret, Richard Harrison came to New England with his seven children. He was one of a company of proprietors who took possession of the settlement of Tokoket, later called Branford, in New Haven Colony in the spring of 1644. New Haven was originally settled in 1638 by 500 Puritans lead by the Reverend John Davenport and Theophilus Eaton, a wealthy London merchant. The settlement was initially known as Quinnipiac, its Indian name, but was renamed in 1640 for the port city of Newhaven in England. New Haven, along with three adjacent towns, formed the New Haven Colony in 1643 with Theophilus Eaton, the first governor. Richard Harrison took the oath of allegiance at New Haven on August 5, 1644. He signed the divisions of land at Branford on July 1, 1646. This document is apparently the first existing record of the Branford settlement and is called Old Harrison in Branford records. Richard Harrison died at Branford on October 25, 1653. Four of his children [Richard, Elizabeth, Samuel and Marie] married and settled in New Haven Colony but later, in 1666, moved to Newark, New Jersey.

Ok so four of his children founded Newark NJ. I know a bunch of the town cleared out to form a “New Ark” — a more strict religious community — but one of Richard Harrison’s kids who did my ancestor or one of the others?

Thomas Harrison was born at Whetstone in Leicestershire, England on February 5, 1626 as the fourth child of Richard and Margaret Harrison. He was baptized at West Kirby on December 2, 1627. Immigrating to Branford, Connecticut with his father in 1644, he took the oath of allegiance at New Haven on April 4, 1654. Thomas Harrison married firstly, on February 1, 1656, Dorothy, the widow of John Thompson, a farmer of New Haven. His second wife was the widow Elizabeth Stent, whom he married at Branford on March 29, 1666. Thomas Harrison was a signer of the covenant for Branford on January 20, 1667. He became a very prosperous planter in Connecticut. In 1667, he purchased the estate of Jasper Crane who moved to New Jersey. The dwelling house on this property was the first frame house erected in Branford. The estate included barns, stables, orchards and gardens. The value of the estate of Thomas Harrison in 1676 was 192 pounds, the highest value of the 37 estates of planters in Branford. Thomas Harrison served, in 1675 and 1676, as an ensign in King Philip’s War, during which the Wampanoag Indians, led by King Philip, fought the settlers in Massachusetts and Connecticut in the most devastating Indian war in the history of New England. Thomas Harrison died in 1704, at which time his estate was estimated to be the largest in Branford.


BUT there’s Jasper Crane, who did leave and became a prominent founder of Newark NJ.

stephen crane is my 9th great grandfather

Is jasper his father? Some accounts assume so but

“Parents unknown. He came to New Jersey around the same time as Jasper Crane and he had land next to them, but he is not proven to be a son of Jasper Crane. Married Esther Norris. There is confusion between him and John Crane, son of Jasper.”

I’m going to assume not as Jasper is well documented. There’s no indication that stephen had anything to do with jaspers religious experiment. His son john crane (my 8th gfather) bought a lot of land in Elizabeth and founded Cranford NJ.

Ok. I’m satisfied for the moment.

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