brain scans for contact sports as routine part of physicals.

That’s a good starting point – contact sports.  I don’t see any reason for them to go away (although I have some ethical qualms about 5 year old Pee Wee Football… but, well, other people can fight that fight and they will).  But as physicals are already a part of sports programs, adding brain scans to the mix wouldn’t be too difficult in theory, and there’s money in sports, so funding wouldn’t be difficult, should the pro-leagues put a little of their earnings into the children’s sports programs.

After all, it’s an investment into the future of their own programs to have a healthy stock to work with.  [sounds awful when I put it that way but then again, as a whole, I’m not a fan of sports-as-entertainment.  But it exists and will continue to as it always did, so ..]

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