Boy Scouts lifts ban on gay adult leaders. It’s about time.

They’re a little behind but they did it.  ’bout time.  When I was in Scouts, I had no doubt two of my scout leaders were gay, but they never did anything wrong that I ever saw.

Anyway, glad they finally got around to it.

They have exceptions for religious sponsored troops – they can keep the ban – and I’m ok with that.  I mean, if it’s part of their religion, and they’re paying the $$$ to keep that troop going, well, they can set a few extra rules.  Their money.

But for most Troops, orientation doesn’t matter anymore.  It never should have mattered, becauseyou’re not supposed to be orienting anything in Boy Scouts except maybe a compass and a map

Sheesh.  I think the ban was a hold-over from the 80s hysteria anyway.  Oh and the 90s hysteria.  Oh, and the 00s hysteria.

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