bosses, who needed me the…”

I was at work – probably 20 miles as the crow flies to NYC. You could see the twin towers clearly from the 7th story of the parking garage. None of the radios worked in the building, unless you pressed it up to the window. At one point, i went up to the top of the parking garage, and saw one building standing and the other one was just a piller of black smoke. But I didn’t see any videos until w…alking home at 12:30 and I stopped in the radio shack, glued to the TVs along with 20 other people, speechless. Bought a pocket radio and listened about it on the way home. The strangest thing? I was scheduled to be in training from Sept 10, 2011 to Sept 15th, 2011 in NYC in one of the world trade center buildings – I think it was building #7 (one that wasn’t hit) – I got out of that stupid training thanks to one of the big bosses, who needed me the… “

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