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Just a note from a former student of Spanish.

I am forever grateful for my high school spanish teacher
(Dr San Pedro @ Vail Deane School, Mountainside NJ - school
no longer in existance) - for introducing me to Borges.

I spent my entire summer, after my senior year, just
reading Borges.  I couldn't get enough!

Truly, truly, brilliant man.

My teacher, she was tough on me.  She gave me
the grades that I deserved - low, and lower, with
scathing comments at the bottom.  But, you know what?
I look at her with the utmost of fondness, and I think
I learned more from her, even getting low grades and
strong comments (or perhaps, *because* of getting low
grades and strong comments), than I did in most
of my other classes in high school.

So, don't be afraid to push push push your students.
Some will hate you, or think you silly, but they will
never forget you, and I'll bet that most of them
will *thank* you.


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