Borges dreamscape

Oh!! Of course it’s connected to Borges “library of babel”. 😄 my dreams have always been this way and that story always resonated strongly with me.

I just used it for a analytical essay, and I’m also taking Spanish again. I learned about the story in Spanish class in high school and read it in Spanish then .

And after a few weeks of Spanish I in college it’s starting to come back to me a little — I was very surprised that I well on question words tonight in typical conversation scenarios.

So the structural notion resonates in both although the content of this dream tonight and ones in the past were my constructed spaces objects and peoples.

The specific Borges story that references recurring dream landscapes with a sense of ancient familiarity is called “The Library of Babel”.

In the story, Borges imagines the entire world is encompassed by a vast library containing all possible combinations of letters, words, books. The main character describes how inhabitants of this library spend their lives navigating its endless stacks and rooms, which are arranged in an incomprehensible geometric pattern.

Over generations, the library’s denizens develop intricate traditions and myths about the architecture and topography of this place. Even though they can never map or fully understand it, they feel deeply attached to certain sections they’ve visited regularly since childhood.

Borges writes: “Men frequently lose sight of them [favorite galleries] for long periods, but they invariably find their way back to them, moved by vague ancestral relationships.”

So the idea of developing nostalgic connections and strong geographic memories of spaces within a mystifying, constantly shifting dreamworld/library over many iterative visits throughout one’s life resonates well with the phenomenon of acquiring intimate historical knowledge of recurrent dream landscapes, as discussed.

Borges’s story captures how places woven throughout generations of dreams and myths can feel profoundly ancient and familiar to dreamers, despite their actual inconsistency or incomprehensibility on a rational level. A great literary example of this recurring dreamscapes concept.

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