Border is one of those.

Border is one of those.
Any politician complaining about it – and that includes the last blondie we had – and the governor of a certain big state – COULD HAVE actually made it a real priority and not just WEDGE ISSUE and a vehicle for OTHER projects.
A wedge issue is an issue that needs to _always stay a problem_ in order to maintain a supposed distinction between the parties.
That is; Immigration-as-a-problem will not be solved because it’s too handy as an ongoing forever crisis.
The proof is this: In all the times any political group that has complained about the border has been in power, they did not do much to solve it. And when they did, they did so sloppily and to support other pet projects such as big contracts for temporary immigrant facilities (ie – more private prisons) which supports the prison-industrial complex – RATHER THAN solving it.
Immigrants support the agriculture and building industries tremendously and neither party wants to lose the big ConAgra money (or whatever they call themselves now). among others companies such as Georgia pacific (Koch companies. Koch companies are the actual folks that support fully open borders)
Immigrants are paid 75cents to the dollar which saves companies lots of money and they pay their taxes because they’re led to believe it’s a path to citizenship (it’s not).
Neither side will actually solve it without having their hands further in the cookie jar and they won’t solve it because it’s more valuable as an ongoing problem than it is “solved”.
Nobody. We’re coddled. Immigrants work harder and cheaper. Get real. That’s why it’ll never be solved and will be a forever problem.
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