books i was selling i think. i think i still have them!

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  1. Language Bridge (Book, Audio Cassette & VHS) [Paperback] by Zilberman, Arkady 1229A901073            $143.20
  2. America’s History [Paperback] by Henretta 1229H792107            $12.45
  3. Using the IBM Personal Computer by Lewis, T.G. 1229T610906            $22.95
  4. Electronic Music : Systems, Techniques, and Controls by Strange, Allen       1229B778252            $41.85
  5. Variations In C Edition by Schustack, Steve 1229L750031            $9.00
  6. Unforgettable Musical Memories : A Reader’s Digest Songbook : All the Words to 1225K981179            $39.95
  7. Popular Classics : A Treasury of All-Time Family Favorites for Piano and Organ 1225K572946            $19.95
  8. A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories (A Harvest/Hbj Book) [Paperback… 1219F790089            $8.25
  9. Ethan Frome (Twentieth-Century Classics) [Paperback] by Wharton, Edith… 1219J935270            $6.95
  10. Harmonic Materisals in Tonal Music a Programmed Course, Part 1/Bookand Cd by       1216R024045            $19.95
  11. Illustrated Dictionary and Concordance of the Bible [Hardcover] by       1216T622026            $19.95
  12. Understanding Artificial Intelligence (Sams Understanding Series) by Mishkoff       1216B848584            $5.00
  13. Understanding Children’s Development (Basic Psychology) [Paperback] by Smith… 1216F793369            $16.95
  14. How to Learn Anything Quickly : An Accelerated Program for Rapid Learning by… 1216J623806            $12.95
  15. All the Math You’ll Ever Need; A Self-Teaching Guide by Slavin, Steven L.       1216H228349            $11.49
  16. File Don’t Pile a Proven Filing System for Personal and Professional Use…       1216H056174            $7.49
  17. Learn Weight Training in a Weekend (Weekend Series) [Hardcover] by Whitehead… 1216R855778            $11.95
  18. Riding With the Lion : In Search of Mystical Christianity [Paperback] by…       1216H194072            $9.95
  19. A Prayer book for Orthodox Christians by 1216K747644            $19.95
  20. [Drevnepravoslavnyi molitvennik] = Old Orthodox prayer book by       1216B604996            $19.95
  21. The Orthodox New Testament: The Holy Gospels by Convent, Holy Apostles; Skete       1216R009706            $40.00
  22. All the Fullness of God : Essays on Orthodoxy, Ecumenism and Modern Society… 1216T206658            $9.00
  23. Holding Back : Why We Hide the Truth About Ourselves by Marie Lindquist       1216A517879            $5.00
  24. Russian Practical Grammar With Exercises by Pulkina, I.; Zakhava-Nebrasova, E. 1212R704771            $50.00
  25. NTC’s Dictionary of Russian Cognates Thematically Organized [Paperback] by…       1212A952346            $15.00
  26. Russian Intermediate Reader [Paperback] by Michalchenko, I. 1212T542965            $20.00
  27. The Oxford Russian Dictionary : Russian-English English-Russian by Falla, Paul 1212H693212            $35.00
  28. English for New Americans : A Russian-English Conversational Manual/Russoi… 1212B083356            $8.10
  29. Mary of Egypt [IMPORT] [Audio CD] Tavener, J. 1211R280751            $30.00
  30. Gregorian Chant [Audio CD] Chant, Gregorian; Anonymous; Ruhland, Dr. Konrad       1211A112494            $7.00
  31. John Tavener: Eis Thanaton/Theophany [Audio CD] Tavener, John; Hickox, Richard       1211F379106            $13.59
  32. Making Do : How Women Survived the ’30s [Hardcover] by Westin, Jeane.       1211L746801            $8.95


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