bodytype-leftover bodytypeRan my writings (posts/comments, etc – 1989-2021) through my 30 day trial of WordStat 8. Gonna categorize a few ways. First: Body Type model. Can’t interpret just yet. Also are “Leftover Words” by frequency.
The Body Type Dictionary is an attempt to operationalize Fisher and Cleveland’s (1958) theory of body-boundary strength for use in computer-assisted content analysis. Working originally with Rorschach ink-blot protocols, Fisher and Cleveland identified two broad personality types: “High Barrier” individuals, who have a
confident sense of their own self boundaries, and “Low Barrier” individuals, who have a less clear sense of their distinct identity and are inclined towards what one might call a “de-differentiated” image of themselves in relation to others and the outside world in general.
Wilson, A. (2006). Development and application of a content analysis dictionary for body boundary research. Literary and Linguistic Computing, 21, 105-110.


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