Block Transfer Computations are the same as Quantum Mnemonics.

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Block Transfer Computations are the same as Quantum Mnemonics. They can’t be done by computer because any computer that tried to execute the code would also be changed in the process of execution, preventing the execution of the code from completing.

I was first introduced to it when I was between 8-10 years old and saw Logopolis, a planet inhabited by an advanced mathematical race that could Block Transfer Computations (or Quantum Mnemonics) in their minds.

They successfully prevented the heat death of the Universe by transferring some of the Entropy into a pocket Universe… well, the Doctor did because the Logopolitans were destroyed by the Master… and I think it’s somewhat their own fault as well.

Anyway, now I’m understanding a little better why throughout school I was always like, “eh, math” and saw the ways formulas were done as old-fashioned and preferred translating them to BASIC code in my head while I was doing math tests in school.

After all, programming *had* to be a step closer to Block Transfer Computations and I really wanted the ability to alter spacetime just by writing a few programs in my head.

Such is the power of fiction smile emoticon I did well in math too, but never lost my disdain for “mathematics-as-we-do-it”, always seeing it as primitive compared to what’s yet to come

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