Blll Nye – you were ok once but now please… ugh…

He has a huge fanbase and kudos for that. He’s a TV celebrity, great for memes, and a big mouth. Inserts foot repeatedly. I didn’t mind when he was the gawkish Science educator (although I used to cringe at some of his explanations for science things ’cause.. well, they were as bad as my nephew’s 5th grade science book… he’s doing electricity and MAN they describe it badly)…

…but now that he’s turned Advocate for 25 other causes… while keeping that science-y persona, it’s a little annoying.


That’s what’s annoying. Plus, the few of them that are up there as discovery channel/national geographic science spokespeople kinda get together and present a united front on some political issues that *really* is frustrating because they’re making Science look STUPID in the process by inserting politics into it.


I love science. I don’t “fucking love science”. I love science.
But I don’t like abusing people’s perceptions of Science-As-Authority by launching other agendas off of it. Keep ‘em separate – and CLEARLY separate.

thinking about watching old mr wizard: I should do that. I mean, despite all the hot-news about “new Science” in the media, really almost ALL of the good useful stuff hasn’t changed in 100 years. It’s still good stuff and I bet his shows are still perfectly scientifically valid. Thanks – I forgot he had an original show from way back.


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