Black Light: Survivor of Women – evil villain for internet thing

 I gave him a “nice guy but..” look with a bit of an “over enthusiastic” look in the eye and the “don’t trust this guy” smile. tongue emoticon

hahahaha – funny thing is…that’s me, it’s TRUE… and now… my TRUE NAME has been REVEALED! .. mwuhahahahaha I mean, “Hey, yeah, they really should just remove ‘male and female’ from Facebook and just let you type in what you want, you know? Just forbid “male/female” altogether. Yeah, and really, isn’t it oppressive when they have “boys” and “girls” rooms? I mean we’re all human. In fact, that’s speciesest. We should just have LIFE rooms. “

[I use myself to make fun of myself. I’ve SAID stuff like that] tongue emoticon



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