Black Hole and Wall-E – two deep movies – here are some of the topics they cover

The Black Hole, Life, death, the hole inbetween, science, religion, excessive passion (the mad scientist), do-robots-have-souls, is-karma-real, is-heaven-real, what’s on the other side of what we don’t know… 1979 Disney.

Watching Wall-E with my ne a few years back – loved that movie; plausable future, and I love that it was an in-your-face slap against consumerism, advertising and marketing bullshit and where it leads to in a format that didn’t treat kids like idiots. And it was a complete movie – no sequel. A rarity these days. I was super impressed by it.

Hm, still, no UNEXPECED depth; these were both deep movies by design… hmm.

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