Black guy always gets it first in movies and gruesomly. I got in trouble for pointing this out once.

I got in trouble for pointing this out once years ago.

Jurassic Park.

It had just come out on HBO. Had to be ’95 or so and before I ever saw any “movie rules” lists.

I’m watching it with my sister and her boyfriend.

They’re walking towards a dangerous situation, early on in the movie. There’s a black guy among whites. Not much personality beyond stereotypical “you’ll forget me after this scene”.

I said, “He’s gonna die first. He’s black. It’s going to be gruesome and they’ll show a body part of his detached”.

They had a fit! Called me racist and all sorts of things and almost kicked me out of the room. I said, “I’m not racist; that’s just what they do in movies!”

Anyway, I think his arm got chewed off or leg or something a few minutes later.

They didn’t speak to me for the rest of the film, but as a parting “I told you so” from me, I said, “It’s because movie-goers are less picky about mistakes in african american skin tone on the props, but very particular about caucasian skin tone mistakes.”

Last time they invited me to watch a movie with them too.

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