Bizarre Love Triangle Vocoloid

Bizarre Love Triangle was a staple of 80s music. By New Order, it’s been remixed many times.

It somehow popped in my head and I wondered if I could find any obscure covers of it. There were many! This one with only 463 views in 3 years, is an excellent Vocaloid cover.

What I like symbolically about the idea of a Vocaloid version is: The original New Order “Bizarre Love Triangle” was almost entirely electronic. I wouldn’t think much of that, because a lot of music then was all electronic, but in looking at the history of the song, apparently, there was something new and significant about the *way* New Order used MIDI and such that made it a defining moment of some kind

Well, as I’m not a musicologist, I can’t go any deeper than that. But to me, having a vocaloid singer seemed appropriate for the song for that reason.


A runner up to “This seems to be an appropriate cover that is obscure” for the 2010s, was this one, a dubstep cover that had a pleasant intro.



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