BITNET node map – August 1988

BITNET node map – August 1988

This was a rare find: BITNET (1981-1996) in 1988.

BITNET did not use TCP/IP and had a different network distribution model. Eventually everybody switched over but a number of technologies came out of BITNET.

I found this map on an FTP site, in Postscript which I converted to PDF then to PNG and rotated. What I like about this? This shows some of the networks that EVENTUALLY folded into the internet but at one time were not and had their own independent existence. The rapid growth of the internet is largely due to smaller networks like these, already build up and established, “joining in” to the great collective we know today.

Here’s BITNET alone. The original postscript (PS) file is very high resolution; these were usually printed on very large plotters.






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