Biomatrix is the closest th

Biomatrix is the closest thing I’ve found that encompasses the grand scope of where I’m headed although their methods and purposes are quite different. I *thought* I found an answer with Perceptual Control Theory but no, its wrong. Quite useful and helpful – but the commonality they see in everything doesn’t prove their system right, it just proves that feedback loops exist in any system that is off balance and trying to stay in equalibrian

I will have to step away from Biomatrix for the moment, but it was nice to see a glimpse of what I believe could be a workable system for many organizations, at least as an alternative graphing tool. Many of their ideagraphs / pictograms are IDENTICAL to the ones I’ve been drawing as I have been coming up with ideas and taking notes of my thoughts.

but these are thoughts that are my own. My journey is my own and as sparkly and shiny as biomatrix systems theory is, It’s a little TOO holistic for my needs.

BUT I’m definitely giving these folks a *big* shout out. Their theory of things is quite solid and practical and far reaching, and I suspect I’ll be seeing Biomatrix again. For now, on the off chance that this will spark someone’s interest and prove helpful/useful/interesting to them, I present you to a link to their site. Ken

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