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This is a really excellent video on neuroscience and law; very easy to watch. While I don’t entirely agree with some of it (I don’t think “who you are” = “your brain” – but heck, he’s a neuroscientist – of course he thinks that! ) , I really like this guy and what he has to say. I especially like what they’re trying out for criminal rehabilitation: ‪#‎biofeedback‬ but using live brain scans instead of skin responses. In other words, the criminals could retrain themselves by being able to see their own brain activity and choose to rehabilitate themselves.

I’m a fan because: I was 11 years old and suffered greatly from anxiety. My mom took me to biofeedback, where I imagined I was a bottle laying on the beach with waves crashing over me, or breathing through my feet and meanwhile I was to lower this bar of stress with my mind.

And yeah, it worked. really really well. Here I am today. it didn’t get rid of the panic attacks entirely but it gave me tools to cope in the moment so they couldn’t completely take over and I’d just be a ball of stress.

All in all, good video.

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