Big recording day Wednesday evening – how it went.

Wednesday evening, May 4th, 1994.

I played the piano for 90 minutes straight through.  Yikes!

It’s now on a $20 cassette tape, recorded on a $3000 Nakamitchi deck.

If the “beta test” (having friends/family listen to it) works out, Tim
(head of Union Records, and also my best friend – he started out the
company because of me :-> ) will get a CD Master pressing done, and get
duplicates made.  First cassettes, then CD’s.

The cassettes will sell for US $8.50.  Probably will be recorded off of a
first generation tape/CD (the master stays hidden) onto a good quality
Chrome tape.

It is a new beginning for me, friends.  Wish me luck!


Kenneth Udut   (USA)   : ku…      :  Call 1-201-432-0060
170 East Clay Avenue   : Listowner of Y-RIGHTS :  for a marvelous ‘net
Roselle Park, NJ 07204 : @SJUVM.BITNET – talk  :  access for little $$
908-298-1108 ’til 2 am : on kid/teen rights.   :  and a great sysadmin



I recorded some eccentric “spur-of-the-moment” stuff on a Kawai GS-60
(7’3″) piano in a local Episcopal church.  By two different people, my
playing has been described as a “wall of sound”.  My sister says I “don’t
play FOR people, I play AT people”, with a grin, of course :-)

We’ll be releasing it in two tapes (and two CD’s after enough cassettes
sell to pay for the CD pressing).

All I can say is that my mind was completely “blank” by the time I
finished!  Even today, three days later, I can’t sit down at the piano
and think anything up – it really knocked the wind out of me!


Tim (my friend, the head of Union Records, the guy that recorded this
tape, and the guy smoking a Marlboro Light 100 cigarette, looking over my
shoulder!) will be doing most of the standard marketing (which requires a
LOT of work), and I will be marketing the tape through the Internet,
mostly through a .signature file, and chatting with any potential
distributers in other parts of the world (such as Canada).

For folks in the U.S.A. and Canada, I will probably sell them to you for
the price of the tapes ($8.50, US) plus shipping (which is 50 cents to a
dollar).  In other countries, I will have to find out what the shipping
costs are.

Ultimately, Union Records will deal with record stores and other
distribution sites directly, and I may ask you and others with a hand in
finding what the record stores are in your areas so that we can spread
this thing far and wide :-)





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