big dreams – you might already be living them.

*Yes but I can be inspirational so then people pay me attention*

What’s your ideal scenario? You’ve inspired me to write just now (I could be somewhere else on the Internet or sleeping but instead I’m here, talking to you, typing on my keyboard, thinking about things that you’ve said and considering them). You’ve inspired me to learn a few things about myself in the process of writing to you; I didn’t realize I wrote with cadence and rhythm when I write and say it in my mind like a song until I wrote it. And I wrote it becuase you inspired me to think of these things that I wouldn’t otherwise have thought of.

I have and am paying full attention to you right now.

But there’s something else that you’re asking it seems perhaps?

What would be your ideal scenario? No need for shyness: Standing behind a podium in front of people and they listen attentive to what you say, taking copious notes, and occasionally getting that “ah ha! NOW I understand!” lightbulb look?

Getting interviewed for a book that you wrote that sold millions and has inspired people to write you letters, and they express their gratitude for what you’ve done for their lives?

Nothing is impossible in a thought experiment. We all have big dreams. What’s yours? Doesn’t matter if it’s practical or not; it just might be, in some form.

[mind you, I’m not assuming those are your dreams; I know they’re dreams that big thinkers often have; you’re a big thinker; I’m a big thinker; and I’ve had those dreams, among others; even made concrete plans and achieved them, but I had to change the context. You might already be living your dreams but the context might not be visible]

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