Between the stuff they’ll see on TikTok and the stuff they’ll experience on Roblox, I think most parents would be aghast if they only knew.

Between the stuff they’ll see on TikTok and the stuff they’ll experience on Roblox, I think most parents would be aghast if they only knew.

 Biggest problems are probably no worse than what happens with older middle schoolers get into the elementary school playground and are a bit rowdy.
There’s the occasional evil too but I think the kid-self-supporting-networks have gotten much stronger now online than existed, say 10-15 years ago when there were fewer.
 Oh it is but I’ve been watching this evolution since about 2011 as I was determined to prepare my nephew for the ongoing world-of-online.
Things have actually greatly improved in a lot of ways. There’s been an explosion of subcultures online where young people watch for one another. Some of it is in the form of warring clans but some of it is support for being ‘different’ or having specific tastes (think Lady Gaga’s little monsters movement thing).
I think the most dangerous area is first person shooters as it’s centered around aggression, raiding, ‘picking off the weak’, etc.
I used to follow online suicide cases when they were more common, looking for commonalities and even now, it’s _generally_ bullies from the same school in the neighborhood targeting and _not_ so much random people.
But what I _still_ see occasionally, and it blows my mind that this _still_ goes on, is when a set of evil friends, say 2 or 3, will find a victim and pull them away from a game for some purpose. Hazing process. Joining a group. Increasing ranks, etc.
They’ll pull them into discord or some other private chat situation and start working on them, psychologically torturing them.
This is the evil of high schoolers and grown adults towards middle schoolers and young high schoolers – and I’d hear stories.
It’s the world of doxxing and “I know where you live” stuff – freaky stuff. I don’t think that stuff ends up in suicide cases as much that I’d seen but it would definitely lead to paranoia for a few years. Psychologically damaging for sure.
I think elementary kids talking about snapchat or discord would be concerning though.
I warned my nespdfgdhew off 4chan so he never went. He toyed with omegle as a lot of kids do around 4th-6th grade – and a lot of weird adults are on that. The omegle racist guy playing the joker these days is all over meme world — and I think he has a tiktok channel too that’s huge. I hope he doesn’t do duets or whatever they call it now.
Snapchat he has because many of his friends do and at 5 now, it’s a nothing but he doesn’t like it.
Roblox is a racists paradise but it has a supportive furry contingent too – and they war even still but everybody holds their own. I remember when 4chan made it a point to raid Rob lox and turn it racist way back in 2012 or so. It worked to a good degree but I think the powers-that-be at Robl ox HQ also didn’t care.
Now that they’re working on ‘going public’ i’m hoping ro blox does a bit of long overdue cleanup.-
I think when kids go on it go on it it’s for the jokes. These days there’s people they want to meet, like the racist joker guy. He’ll put keywords in his videos and others will use them to try to run into him, just so he can call them the n-word or whatever.
He’s the only ‘celebrity’ i’m aware of on omegle but i don’t pay too much mind.

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