best to be first? maybe. usually. Not always.


  • n school, I always liked being first because I was judged least harshly. People were more forgiving of error. But when I was last, my performance was compared against all the others. This bias also showed up in grading. [yeah, kids compare grades, even in elementary school and they see teacher-patterns the teachers miss].

    Having been in business as well, it’s true. Being first doesn’t make you the most right, but it cuts you the most slack… and if it’s not a series of prepared presentations, then the first speaker always sets the agenda upon which the others are based again. So in short, yes. Amanda Gold
  • Kenneth Udut Then again… sometimes the first is given the harshest criticism because it’s center-stage and after the ideas you give are torn apart by the vultures, some ALTERNATIVE idea from someone else that HASN’T been torn apart seems much better because it’s whole and hasn’t been made.. full of holes.

    So.. I guess it depends on what’s being presented, the nature of the meeting, how people are talking and whether it’s brainstorming, equal presentations, etc.


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