Best not to get too excited over logical arguments.

It didn’t seem dishonest. I believe the OP believes that belief in “God is an absurd and illogical belief” *is* a belief subject to the same rules of belief as “God exists”.

It could be mistaken, but it didn’t appear to be dishonest.


People craft very logical-sounding arguments and convince people all of the time by hijacking their rational systems for their own purposes.

This is why I advice people to steer clear of logical arguments that railroad you into a particular singular answer.

Once you can fall for a good logical argument, you can fall for a bad one too. Best not to get too excited over logical arguments.


Yes but the same logic you try to use to convince in a boolean manner, is ALSO used by people looking to railroad people into false beliefs.

All it takes is a SINGLE flaw in the argument and someone can be led astray very quickly.

The answer isn’t “better use of logic”. The answer is: clear overall thinking.


Well, I think it’s possible to have a clear head.
a) everything is absurd.
b) On a solid footing of absurdism, THEN build your arguments. Hope they stick. Try to be reasonable. Stop adding letters after b) because it’s dull to go to c). etc.




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