Best method for suicide and cleaning black mold with fluorine toothpaste. Unrelated + unedited.

To me, it’s all knowledge.  I read a book written long ago called “Final Exit”.  It was when killing yourself was all the rage in the early 90s.  Well, not really, but the death doctor was big news.  Anyway, this book has the best and worst ways to do yourself in.

Needless to say, banned all over the place not long after it was released.

I got a hold of a copy.  Not because it was banned.  Not because I wanted to kill myself or somebody else.

I just – wanted the knowledge.  Now I know the best way.  Will I ever need it?  Nope.  But I know it.

Reversing “fix-it- instructions” is simple and ingenius at the same time.  I’m saying it in a few words but I’ll tell a story that’s as long as impressed I am by that marvelous idea. [I love reverse engineering]

I’ve used that in experimenting with chemicals for cleaning stuff.  I’m always fascinated by supermarket chemistry and I exhausted all the books/websites I could find on the stuff YEARS ago.  [do I know 10,000 uses for baking soda?  Yeah.  My mom’s obsession that got grafted on me in a different form]

Anyway, Fluorine. Nastiest most toxic shit to life and organic stuff around.  Also quite useful.

They banned ChloroFluoroCarbons in spray products in most of the world because it was suspected to cause a hole in the ozone layer.  Did it?  Was it just a reoccuring weather pattern?  We’ll never know for sure.  But really, the stuff is nasty to organic stuff in general.

It’s in toothpaste.  “strengthens your teeth”.  Well yeah, so does chewing on a bone or… breathing after drinking milk or eating cheese.  [the rebonding process is natural and happens by itself, as long as you don’t have plague on your teeth]


It’s also used to stick teflon onto pans.  [how do you stick a non-stick surface onto metal?  Use some dreadful thing like Fluorine]  That’s why chipping pans are considered toxic.  They kinda are.


Fluorine eats silicone.

It’s the only thing that does, really.

What’s silicone in?

Hm, your gums but not your teeth.  The rest of your body.  Look up “Fluorine Burns” if you want to see some really NASTY NASTY pictures.

It’s pure evil.

So, has nothing to do with tooth brushing.  I decided to figure out the best way to clean black mold out of outdoor carpet.  Usually it takes scrubbing, bleach, pain in the ass.

So I thought, what about fluorine?

I took some regular toothpaste that I use along with some non-fluorine toothpaste I also used.

I put some equally in circles on top of the black mold.

I waited a half hour.

Brushed at it lightly with a stainless steel dog-hair comb.

The fluoride toothpaste?  The carpet was completely white and free of the black mold.

The non-fluoride toothpaste?  Same as it was.  Comb got stuck in the mold and the slimy stuff wasn’t budging.

So yeah.  What can I do with this nifty scientific discovery?  Put a new hint up for “Mommy cleaning hints?”  Naw.  I just like knowing it.  If I were smart, I’d make a “black mold cleaning product” that actually worked.. and would also burn the dirt (made of silicone), your skin (make of silicone – that’s why its waterproof), and pretty much most things around that aren’t calcium or some other metal.

So yeah.  I like knowing this stuff :)

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