Besides, it’s not like we’re giving them a 2000 lb machine to control that could kill people.

This is interesting. I didn’t know about this recently. A number of places have been lowering the legal voting age to 16, thanks to a re-reading of the existing constitutional amendment. It’s been lowered in other parts of the world to 16 as well in their own ways.

I was a bit surprised at first, but thinking about it, it makes sense. For one thing, the ability to vote takes place while most kids are still in school, allowing them to have mandated adult guidance around to (hopefully) show critical thinking skills in the process.

I know it’s been done in mock elections in school but 16 has become one of those crossover years for many rights.

Driving privileges. Ability to decide on medical procedures without parental guidance. Some ability to have limited bank accounts. (used to allow full bank accounts – I was lucky enough to be around then) and the ability to work and….

…pay taxes.

I’m sure there’s more, but these just came to mind. I haven’t looked that deeply into it.

Now, when it says “Washington D.C.” it means the city of Washington D.C., not the whole USA.

Already the voting age has been lowered in a number of places in the USA to 16.

It’d be nice to see higher voter turnouts, honestly, and as they’ll likely still be in school, there’s a chance for getting a fair practical advice on discerning the issues. Once you’re 18 and out of mandated school, well, you’re kinda on your own there. Two years of tangible critical thinking on civic rights with _teeth_ that they can actually APPLY has a chance of helping the future of politics by increasing interest in the process.

Besides, it’s not like we’re giving them a 2000 lb machine to control that could kill people.

Oh wait… yeah, we already do that.

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