benzene thoughts


Print shop where the inks and solvents were in the back. Exxon Oil Refinery for a time. [Bayway, Elizabeth NJ]

But I was the dude behind the computer both times.

I was custodian as a teenager for my church – 7 days a week from age 13-18. But closest thing to benzene was the stuff I used to clean the mirrors with. I think that’s just foamy kerosene and puts holes in your brain.

I didn’t use it much though ’cause I read the back of the can: just for occasional extra stained glass polishing.

But mostly the garbage kid.

I avoid clothes that use use the black that’s made from crude oil. I can’t remember what it is, but some of the fancy colors and some of the darker blacks use it. Nasty itching from it. Men’s black socks used to use it – maybe they still do. Anyway, I wouldn’t have lasted a week working with benzene.

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