Belief is before Reason. It’s biological. Can’t be helped.

+connor jack Believing that your understanding of how a clock works is correct, is still a belief.

It may sound pedantic but there have been many scientific explanations of things that turned out to be wrong. I’m not anti-science – I’m pro-science. I’m not anti-anything except for unchecked assumptions, especially ones that are far reaching.

The idea that “I believe I understand” is still a belief, no matter how certain one is.

Biologically, when we ‘understand something’ or know something, our belief system kicks in FIRST before our prefrontal cortex processes.

It always does.

You emotionally believe something to be true before you are consciously aware of it.

It is the amygdala that ties together science and religion.

Certainty, finding agreement among large numbers of people, believing in measurement systems and number are all beliefs in SYSTEMS.

Do I trust (another emotion) most of physics and science? Yes I do.

I am aware though, that science is a faith-based system; all measurements of “truth/falsehood” require the belief of the people for it to be considered true.

I know I’m using buzzwords that generate ire but I don’t mean to.

But I have spent the past year seeing humanity from an alien point of view; trying to see what we would look like. And I was surprised to see science and religion do fall into the same category. There are other methods for truth discovery than the scientific method; the engineering method involves more brainstorming because it’s a practical system where things HAVE to get done, whether or not the science is there to back it up yet.

I’m not knocking science. But science does not use its own methods on itself. It doesn’t make them wrong or right – just recognizing that belief/faith is at the start of science. Facts don’t stand alone. They require humans to believe in the stories they tell that “this is how things are”.

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