Being one with everything really isn’t difficult.

I’ve been working on the Oneness thing for a lifetime so far. Saw the whole world as transparent and to the ends of the Universe when I was 11 yrs old. Sort of an overlay but more like an underlay. No colors, but pressures.

Had other ones as well but that was the first. I can recall it anytime, even now. Led to a lifetime so far of trying to see “What’s underneath the surface” of reality. [how things are made, how physics works, how people work, how the interactions take place)s

And they all form images in my mind that i can’t draw because my hand cramps when I draw anything more than a stick figure, and I’m not patient enough to keep the details in memory long enough to get it all out on the computer. So, I just enjoy it myself.

Being one with everything really isn’t difficult. To me, nothing mystical about awareness; it’s paying attention to the right things. Everybody’s got the ability and uses it on occasion.

Matt Stageman Oh, there’s no paradoxes. Paradoxes are just the result of true/false right/wrong thinking. Simutaneous truths are all over the place and everyday. Mixed emotions, comedy, lying – there’s no paradoxes. Paradoxes are the result of a limited framework that’s being worked from within, that’s all. Add a single extra dimension and POOF, paradox-be-gone. (’cause you can go over it, under it, through it, make it disappear, turn inside out, whatever)

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