before i go to bed each night

BEFORE I GO TO BED each night, I ask myself:
What have I accomplished tonight?
I try to be entirely honest with myself:
“I accomplished sitting in this chair for several hours, hunched over my computer/phone”.
“I ate a piece of cheese and had three cups of coffee”
“I stayed awake”
and I also try to think of more.
Tonight, I made a 13 minute Youtube video of myself talking.  I had some interesting discussions about [x], [y], [z] with [this person], [that person], [this other person] on [Google+], [Facebook], etc.
I found a good video capture program I like, and snagged some funny gifswithsound clips and uploaded to Vine, G+ FB and Youtube.  I read a number of posts by friends, and a few scientific articles.

And so, I can go to bed feeling accomplished.  I do this ritual nightly; it really just takes a few moments of thinking honestly.  I can also go back further and bring in other things that i accomplished during the day.  The same thing applies.

What is the result?

I go to bed feeling that… today, was a good day.

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