Because that was funny. It was funny. It *is* funny. Laugh.

I’m from NJ and in Florida now. New Jersey should be one big pin labelled “Misanthrope”. That’s why NJ folks have the best sense of humor. Because that was funny. It was funny. It *is* funny. Laugh.
I don’t hate NJ. Depends where you go. I was in white bread suburbia next to multicultural paradise which was next to “got burnt down in ’68 riots” (before my time).

The highways smell like crap but the people in the neighborhoods are nice and the train/bus system was fantastic.

Florida’s great: Sunshine laws = EVERYTHING you do gets put online. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you did. So it’s a great source of news worldwide. Most states have this thing called “personal, government, corporate privacy”. Not Florida. You fart inappropriately and Al-Jazeera can do a write up on it an hour later. Love it.

Makes us look like idiots but I don’t have to wonder about my neighbors. They did something wrong? Just look it up.


Cops can’t even protect each other here. Cops everywhere do stupid shit sometimes but they can cover it up. Not here. If a cop shoots someone’s dog in New Jersey, nobody ever finds out. In Florida? The Pope finds out.



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