Because… none of us asked to be born, yet we’re here.

What’s interesting to me is that I’ve known people with both philosophies my whole life – formulated EXACTLY like them, yet never heard of a name for them before.

I mean, there isn’t a adolescent on the planet that hasn’t said at some point, “I didn’t ask to be born” to their parents or… at least to themselves.

Because… none of us asked to be born, yet we’re here.

Antinatalism is a logical extension of that. If it’s not fair that I was born, then it’s not fair that anybody is born.

I’d say a majority of friends I’ve had through the years are non-procreators by choice. They have some very elaborate philosophies why procreation is bad on a moral level and a few it’s on a personal morality level.

So my surprise was that I hadn’t seen words for it before.


Often, antinatalism [now that I know the word for it] is a logical justification for abortion for example. In various discussions through the years, the hypothetical, “Why should a child be forced to be born to parents that don’t want them?” comes up.

That would be an antinatalist argument. So, I don’t think it’s unpopular per se, but rather that there’s a word for it that’s an evolved philosophy all on its own by itself, unrelated to other social issues is what surprised me a bit.

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