Be who you want to see.

Mine was fed more by Carl Sagan, Joseph Campbell, Logical Positivist Star Trek and/or hippy-ish dreams of economics-free societies of togetherness and such,

They’re still in me but I’ve transferred the dreams to positive action, in how I engage with people online. I think you can enact your dreams in part, in order to see some fruition from it.


I guess it’s sort of a “Be who you want to see” kind of thing.


yeah, I’ve never been a fan of economics metaphors for existence. I prefer to think in terms of relationships rather than raw transactions. I suppose I believe there’s a “something deeper” beneath it that binds us.

Maybe there’s not. Maybe it’s just transactions of intangible good wills. But I like to believe there’s an undercurrent that can be untouched by transactions.



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