Be open to change, be yourself and let others be themelves. Science/Religion debate entry

+Tletna You’re explaining yourself well. I personally believe that there’s no reason religion and science have to mix at all. It’s ok if they have different origin of the universe theories. I tend to be more on the science side of things these days, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if God turned out to be so. I don’t know enough either way. It’s a faith/belief decision each person has to make for themselves. Or, in my case, I choose not to choose.

I’ve learned a lot from my upbringing – and I very nearly became a monk in my 20s. In my 30s, I studied science heavily – still do. But as far as ultimate answers goes, well, I believe the interconnectedness of spaceime and that we all are one, as we came from the same material – and not so much in a new-agey way but in a very real physical scientifically shown way. We’re not separate from the Universe. We expand physically just as spacetime is expanding; there’s no reason we would be exempted from it.

And, as Feynman said, “There’s plenty of room at the bottom”; (he was talking about the amazing amount of room in the area of the extremely tiny)- we’re far from having all of the answers about things. We know what we know, we believe what we believe. The question of God isn’t a question I could answer either way; might be, might not be. If there is, my upbringing (Methodist) says that being a good person is enough. If there isn’t, well I know that being a good person has reprecussions that affect others in ways we can’t possibly imagine. Who knows if a few words on my part at the right time could change the course of someone’s life?

Being open and not judging is a part of my character I constantly work on improving. I believe it’s the right thing to do, mostly because experience tells me that it works. Is it because I was told so when I was young and believed it? Possibly. There are so many ways to view the same thing that I couldn’t possibly know for sure. I just work with the best information I have at the time, and I’m open to change.

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