be heartily ENCOURAGED –…

its so true erin – it’s funny to think about it. by homogonizing cultures/languages/etc – it may create harmony but we may lose variety – or it might be like the school uniform issue: by having all kids wear the exact same clothes, it does eliminate SOME of the problems of judging others by their clothes – but it also loses independence of creative clothing. Statistically, school uniforms do see…m to help certain problems – but the need (that starts in children via the adults around them by the little things we say) to form cliques, clans, groups, separations, “us vs them” – will probably always be there. But anyway – that’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax. I think independence in how people look – whether its body look (skin color, shape, hair color (gingers are today’s group under fire)) or culture or religion should be heartily ENCOURAGED –… “

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