Be different. Seek out the best

^Be different. Seek out the best in people. It's in there. Like the saying goes, "Even Serial Killers Love Their Moms." (no, I don't know anybody prison-worthy)

It's mindless to find the worst in people. It's even easier to make people out to be worse than they really are: it makes you feel better about yourself. "At least *I'm* not like her!" (or him, but it's usually her 'cause people tend to be more forgiving of a man being stupid and much harsher when a woman is being stupid)

There's a bright light in every person that walks the planet or ever walked the planet. This doesn't mean there is no evil – we're all flawed and capable of the most wonderful and most horrible of things. And if you're a Prosecuting Attorney, this Status Update is probably not for you. But if you're not a Prosecuting Attorney, let someone else do it. Give yourself a break. Being continually disappointed in people just leads to medical problems. Yes, people are stupid. You are stupid. I am stupid. But You're brilliant, I'm brilliant, people are brilliant.

You just have to look for it. It's there. The more someone drives you nuts, the more you need to find it. Not just for their sake. But for your own.^

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