BBS’s I remember – Free Speech, Another Perspective, NJ Rational Mystics, Saturday’s Child mention on 908 BBS List

These are a list of BBS’s I remember that happen to be on the 908 BBS list

There are more that I remember that _aren’t_ on this list… but the site owner really did a fantastic job of compiling as many as possible and it’s possible that this *is* all the ones I remember.  Spent a lot of time clogging up the phone lines calling these places.

908-232-5320 Blue Sky Chris Demers Maximus
WESTFIELD, NJ (1994-1995)
908-232-7060 The Entropist BBS, The Treefort BBS Pat Schugg PCBoard
WESTFIELD, NJ (1994-1995)
908-241-0940 The World of Krynn Daniel Catala
908-241-1439 HeavensGate CliffBlessing
908-241-3935 The Atlantis BBS Doug Sorber
ROSELLE, NJ (1995-1998)
908-241-4518 Up On Cripple Creek, Up on Cripple Creek Robert Lamprecht, Bob Lamprecht RemoteAccess , Remote Access
Roselle, NJ (1991-2003)
“General bbs with a leaning towards music.” – Robert Lamprecht
908-241-8528 Another Persective, Another Perspective, NJ Rational Mystics, Saturday’s Child Kenneth Udut, Simpleton
ROSELLE, NJ (1992-1998)
908-241-8801 Just Programs BBS Matt Korybski PCBoard
ROSELLE, NJ (1994-1995)
908-245-5866 Heaven’s Gate BBS Cliff Blessing Remote Access
908-245-6614 Micro Room BBS , The Micro Room, The MICRO Room BBS Marv Shelton RemoteAccess , RA
ROSELLE, NJ (1991-1997)
908-245-6938 ADS/HGM Support BBS, Heaven’s Gate Cliff Blessing QuickBBS
ROSELLE, NJ (1992-1995)
908-249-4239 Mom’s Place Dave Dworkin Opus
ELIZABETH, NJ (1994-1995)
908-251-1463 THE SHORT CIRCUIT
908-272-1809 Hub 900 Filebone Dude, The Arena BBS Chris Sloyan
908-272-1911 The Vector BBS 2 Joseph Delvecchio RemoteAccess
CRANFORD, NJ (1994-1997)
908-272-2073 The Club House George Porcella, George Porcellit TBBS
CRANFORD, NJ (1993-1995)
908-272-2463 Bird’s Nest, Bird’s Nest [KF2UJ], Hub 100 EchoMail Coordinator George Bird
CRANFORD, NJ (1997-1998)
908-272-6426 The Club House George Porcella TBBS
CRANFORD, NJ (1992-1995)
908-272-6890 THE ARENA, The Arena BBS, The Sporting Event BBS, Union County Hub Chris Sloyan PCBoard
CRANFORD, NJ (1991-1996)
908-273-5507 Information Exchange, The Information Exchnage Tom Dee SynchroNet , SBBS
Summit, NJ (1993-1995)
908-273-7914 Dmaster’s Den Alan Freidberg, Alan Friedberg QuickBBS , QBBS
SUMMIT, NJ (1991-1996)
908-273-8709 FunTime BBS Andrew Tollin QuickBBS , RemoteAccess, QuickBBS , RemoteAccess
SUMMIT, NJ, (1990-1994)
“We had 660MB online!!!!!!!” – Andrew Tollin
908-276-2581 The Club House George Porcella Unknown
CRANFORD, NJ (1991-1996)
908-276-3708 Doorware Etc, The Door Land BBS Rick Hoefling
CRANFORD, NJ (1991-1994)
908-276-4405 The Vector BBS 1, Vector BBS, The Joseph Delvecchio, Joe Delvecchio RemoteAccess
CRANFORD, NJ (1993-1997)
908-276-4521 Exile’s Gate BBS Mike Kuriawa
CRANFORD, NJ (1991-1993)
908-276-5114 Bird’s Nest George Bird
CRANFORD, NJ (1999-2000)
908-276-5494 Bird’s Nest [KF2UJ], Bird’s Nest [KF2UJ] (Node 1), Bird’s Nest [N2PHQ] (Node 1), Bird’s Nest, The[PRIV] , EchoLink #1, Hub 100 EchoMail Coordinator, Hub 900 Echomail Coordinator, Hub 900 Echomail Dude #1, Net 107 EchoMail Coord (NEC), Net 2630 OGATE, The Bird’s Nest, The Bird’s Nest (Node 1) George Bird, G Bird, Ogate RemoteAccess
CRANFORD, NJ (1991-1997)
908-276-8150 The Wizard’s BBS Rick Siegel
908-276-9667 Frank’s BBS Frank Rachel
CRANFORD, NJ (1993-1994)
908-278-9044 The Final Frontier Lisa Compton PCBoard
908-280-8812 The Toy Shop II Michael Hampton
ELIZABETH, NJ (1993-1994)
908-298-0029 Wackyland Jay Barnes
908-298-0764 Juice Bar BBS, The , The Juice Bar Dan Kachoogian Telegard
ROSELLE, NJ (1992-1997)
908-298-3726 InfoData Support, Infodata Support BBS David Salanon Wildcat
ROSELLE, NJ (1994-1995)
908-298-9098 Just Programs BBS, Just Programs N1, JustPrograms Matt Korybski, Mat Korybski PCBoard
ROSELLE, NJ (1988-1996)
908-298-9709 The Switchboard Jay Barnes
ROSELLE, NJ (1995-1997)
908-321-3612 Cyberpunk BBS, The Stealth BBS Steven Silver, Andrew Yakovlech Wildcat
Edison, NJ (1994-1996)
“I am Steven Silver. I was the SysOp along with my best friend in highschool. I started that BBS when I was a Freshman in highschool. I was into fighter jets so I initially named it the Stealth BBS. I joined fido net under that name, but later decided to name it something more age appropriate and my fellow BBS SysOp friend Anthony Abela from Anomaly BBS used to be called cyberpunk bbs but he also decided to name his board something more appropriate for his age so he came up with anomoly bbs. I was 14 when I started it and was the youngest bbs operator at the time. When I was 16 I called it quits when viruses became a major problem and the internet was a better means to transfer data. The area code had since changed to 732. If I can put my current e-mail next to my BBS it is I would be curious if someone who I used to know has called me. I since have been in the military, married, and have a son. It seems like eons ago but those BBS days were great. Your list brought back some real happy times in highschool for me. I can remember sitting in class just waiting for school to end to check on my bbs and the fido net messages that had come through that day.” – Steven Silver
908-322-0131 Sound Connection, The , The Sound Connection Scott Bohning Renegade
PLAINFIELD, NJ (1994-1997)
908-322-2737 Gif & Mod World PCBoard
908-354-6855 The Batcave BBS Benny Cheslow
ELIZABETH, NJ (1991-1992)
908-354-6979, Comp. Junction, Computer Junct’n, Computer Junction, Computer Junction , Computer Junction BBS, Eastern New Jersey Net, Eastern NJ HUB, Hub 900 UUCP Gateway, Net 107 Admin Assist. (NAA), Net 107 Admin Assist. (NAA), Net 2630 IGATE, Net 2630 OGATE, Net 2630 UUCP Gateway, Union/Middlesex County HUB Jeff Shapiro,, J.H. Shapiro, postmaster, Igate, Ogate Wildcat , Wildcat!
Elizabeth, NJ (1985-1997)
“Network Coordinator of FidoNet Net 2360. This was the longest running BBS in Union County, NJ and one of the oldest in the state.” – Jeff Shapiro
908-355-3592 Home Base BBS, Middlesex, Union County Matthew Androlowicz, Matt Androlowicz, Mat Androlowicz RemoteAccess , QuickBBS
ELIZABETH, NJ (1991-1996)
908-355-3858 Chat Central BBS Greg Hargett
ELIZABETH, NJ (1993-1994)
908-355-4853 Signs of Life
908-355-6057 Mom’s Homemade BBS, Mom’s Homemade BBS Jac Stein RBBS , WildCat, RBBS-PC
ELIZABETH, NJ (1994-2000)
908-355-8884 Computer Junction, Eastern New Jersey Net, Union/Middlesex County Hub Jeff Shapiro
ELIZABETH, NJ (1997-2000)
908-388-1112 The Future’s Edge BBS Bill Stulack PCBoard
908-388-1676 NJMUG BBS Mike Bielen
908-388-3496 TreeFort Chris Messineo PCBoard
Scotch Plains, NJ (1994-1996)
“I loved running The TreeFort BBS. We used to specialize in pc games and we always had a great online game of Global War (Risk) going on.” – Chris Messineo
908-388-4742 MERCHANTS BBS, The Merchants of Venus Tony Szablowski Wildcat
908-388-7595 Crazy Castle BBS Glenn Young
908-388-8152 Crazy Castle BBS Glenn Young
908-388-8242 The Den Russell Sprague Telegard
908-389-1348 The BatKave BBS Bryan Shaddick
908-389-3202 CyberVision, The Flight Deck Michael Hodges RemoteAccess
WESTFIELD, NJ (1994-1995)
908-389-6468 The Flight Deck, The Flight Deck (Node 1) Michael Hodges
WESTFIELD, NJ (1997-1998)
908-389-8473 Generic , Generic BBS Carolyn Carrock, Cah Citadel
WESTFIELD, NJ (1992-1998)
908-390-2063 Dezine Associates , Dezine Associates BBS Christopher Ewing, Ira Tessler Renegade
WESTFIELD, NJ (1993-1996)
908-390-4728 Cyber/Chat! Bob Kosienfki MajorBBS
WESTFIELD, NJ (1994-1995)
908-390-6624 Vulcan ][ Manny Velasquez
908-390-8047 FutureTech, FutureTech East Mariliz Laurent SynchroNet
WESTFIELD, NJ (1994-1996)
908-396-0790 8-Ball Cafe, The Attic BBS [KF2YV], The Attic BBS [N2WXH] Robert Carsey Searchlight
PEAPACK, NJ (1992-1997)
908-396-1475 The Vortex of Time Mike Saccocci, Michael Saccocci
PEAPACK, NJ (1991-1992)
908-396-9292 OS/2 Goldmine BBS Hans Bakker Maximus
PEAPACK, NJ (1994-1995)
908-396-9571 After the Storm, After The Storm BBS, Great Graphics BBS John Meyer, John H. Meyer PCBoard
PEAPACK, NJ (1991-1996)
908-418-4354 Diner, The , The Diner Tom Flynn PCBoard
CRANFORD, NJ (1993-1996)
908-477-2923 The Toy Shop II, The Toy Shoppe II, Toy Shop ][, The Michael Hampton Wildcat
CRANFORD, NJ (1994-1997)
908-486-0196 C.F.O.N.J. Ed Feins
908-486-2956 C.F.O.N.J., CFONJ , CFONJ., Computer Forum of New Jersey Ed Feins TBBS , TheBreadBoard
ROSELLE, NJ (1991-1996)
908-486-4815 Basement, The , The Basement, The Basement BBS Bruce Barton Searchlight
ROSELLE, NJ (1992-1996)
908-486-7487 Heaven’s Gate BBS Cliff Blessing MajorBBS , RemoteAccess
ROSELLE, NJ (1994-1996)
908-493-3936 The Manor BBS! Stefan Colmer RemoteAccess
UNIONVILLE (UNI, NJ (1994-1995)
908-525-0593 Catseye BBS, The Message Base BBS John Wilkinson Wildcat
LINDEN, NJ (1993-1994)
908-525-9472 Cheers Node #3, The Imperial Fort Matt Price MajorBBS
LINDEN, NJ (1992-1995)
908-527-1971 Bobbie’s House, Bobbie’s House Bobbie Crivelli
ELIZABETH, NJ (1995-2000)
908-527-8850 Black Plague, Smugglers Cove Deathlock
Independent Member BBS
908-549-0442 Merchants of Venus BBS, The Merchants of Venus Tony Szablowski TBBS
908-549-1893 Oz David Pierce
908-549-2422 PiNNACLE BBS Gregory Lopazanski
908-549-5996 The Pleasure Den Wildcat
908-549-9445 Micro-Fone TBBS John Kelley
908-558-7356 The Train Station, Train Station Bob Adamkewicz Wildcat
ELIZABETH, NJ (1995-1997)
908-560-7420 The NEW Graphics BBS Bob Lindabury
908-620-1506 The File Exchange Walter Kuzma
ROSELLE, NJ (1996-1999)
908-634-5117 Best Buy BBS, Best Buy Online John P. Carroll PCBoard
ROSELLE, NJ (1994-1996)
908-634-7815 Another Board
908-654-0477 Files Unlimited Clem Taylor
908-654-0935 4th Dimension Navigator
Independent Member BBS
908-654-1290 CYBERWARS BBS Carl Vigstedt PCBoard
WESTFIELD, NJ (1993-1995)
908-654-3178 No Nonsense BBS, NoNonsense, Westfield Dataline, Westfield DataLine , Westfield DataLine 1, Westfield DL Vince Rifici PCBoard
WESTFIELD, NJ (1991-1996)
908-654-5116 ACGNJ Scotch Plains Jeff Frank
908-654-6304 Westfield DataLine 2
WESTFIELD, NJ (1994-1995)
908-665-2075 Outer Limits Joe Stango
SUMMIT, NJ -1992
908-665-3529 BBS Plus Jim Nicholson
SUMMIT, NJ (1992-1994)
908-665-5992 Summit , Summit PCB,!, The Summit PCBoard Doug Vohden PCBoard
SUMMIT, NJ (1988-1997)
908-668-7377 MindScape, Pandemonium Free Port, Pandemonium Free Space Port Al Everett T.A.G. , Tag
PLAINFIELD, NJ (1993-1995)
908-671-0748 Wild Bill’s BBS, Wild Bill’s BBS (18+) N1 Bill Pankenier, Bill Pankernier PCBoard
NEWARK, NJ (1994-1997)
908-671-2528 Wild Bill’s BBS (18+) N1, Wild Bill’s BBS [18+] Bill & Valeria, Bill Pankenier PCBoard
NEWARK, NJ (1994-1996)
908-679-2340 Tri-Area BBS, Tri-Area BBS Steven Katz RemoteAccess
SUMMIT, NJ (1994-1996)
908-679-2680 Republic BBS Carl Brown
SUMMIT, NJ (1996-1998)
908-679-4292 Fallout Shelter, Net 107 Scribe (NS), The Fallout Shelter Mindy Adler
SUMMIT, NJ (1995-1996)
908-679-8477 Link To Perfection Waremonger
SUMMIT, NJ -1992
Quartex Member BBS
908-686-7084 The Place V. Novellino
908-687-2142 Computer Archives Doug Lang Wildcat
UNIONVILLE, NJ (1994-1995)
908-687-8876 Spaceport BBS Brian Kessler Telegard
Union, NJ (1996-1998)
“Just wanted to fill in some missing data about SpacePort. The original incarnation was actually in the 80s and run off a Commodore. At first I ran USBSS, then Ivory BBS, and finally settled for C-BASE. Although I don’t remember exact dates, I believe I was in Junior High School which I graduated in 88, and I believe it ran for about 2 years. The latter and last incarnation of SpacePort BBS ran TeleGard BBS; I think I ran something else before that, but I can’t remember what. I don’t remember the exact dates it ran, but it was up towards the end of 1996 and down around Easter of 1998. BTW, “FidoNet” isn’t a BBS software, but a networking technology which was developed concurrent to the Internet. It served many of the same purposes and had many equivalent services, but it was developed by unfunded amateurs who wanted to beat phone bills. “Netmail” was the equivalent of “E-mail”, “Echomail” was the “Newsgroups”, and though I forget what it was called, there was a similiar relay for files which could be seen as forerunner of p2p file sharing. Some online games also traded packets using FidoNet technology, allowing players on one BBS to have opponents on another BBS. The last incarnation of SpacePort was a member of FidoNet, and about 4 other networks (none of which I remember by name right now) which piggybacked on the FidoNet technology.” – Brian Kessler
908-709-8023 Bird’s Nest [KF2UJ] (Node 2), Bird’s Nest [N2PHQ] (Node 2), The Bird’s Nest (Node 2) George Bird
CRANFORD, NJ (1993-1994)
908-714-0803 The Hackers Club BBS TriBBS
908-719-3006 Dmaster’s Den Alan Freidberg RemoteAccess
908-721-1039 Storm Cloud BBS, The Storm Cloud Russell Goddard Renegade
CRANFORD, NJ (1992-1994)
908-721-3087 Group Side of the Gate, GroupMail Distribution, NECho Wafer, Net 107 EchoMail Coord, Net 107 EchoMail Distribution, Santa’s WorkShop Santa Claus, R. Bonenfant, Roger Bonenfant, R Bonenfant
CRANFORD, NJ (1991-1994)
908-721-4204 PITA, RC’s Place BBS, Santa’s WorkShop Santa Claus, RC Mann, R.C. Mann RemoteAccess
CRANFORD, NJ (1994-1995)
908-851-0703 No Name BBS Art Abbondante Wildcat
Union, NJ (1992-1994)
“My 1st attempt at setting up and running a system. Used to exchange files and messages.” – Art Abbondante
908-862-0631 The Never Enough BBS Mike Demkowicz PCBoard
LINDEN, NJ (1994-1996)
908-889-4113 The Graphics Array Kevin Feller MajorBBS
908-905-2524 The Imperial Fort Matt Price MajorBBS
908-906-6968 Data Port, DataPort Bob Cibulskis, Bob Cibulskis/Robert Fishbein PCBoard
908-906-7685 Micro-Fone BBS , Micro-Fone TBBS John Kelley TBBS , TheBreadBoard
908-925-0167 Dead Silence BBS Renegade
ROSELLE, NJ (1994-1995)
908-925-0845 NO UPLOADS, No Uploads BBS, No-Uploads BBS Sal Crocevera Searchlight
ROSELLE, NJ (1993-2000)
908-925-2527 N.F.B. Taso Lyristis
ROSELLE, NJ (1992-1993)
908-925-3658 The Underground Scott Greiner
ROSELLE, NJ (1995-1996)
908-925-4191 Cyberteria Daniel Levine
ROSELLE, NJ (1993-1994)
908-925-6130 The Litter Box Kelly Barton Searchlight
ROSELLE, NJ (1994-1995)
908-925-8147 Dungeon, Psycadelik Dungeon Chris Pingor, Christopher Pingor
Linden, NJ (1992-1994)
“I just wanted to make some changes. I ran the psykadelik dungeon in the 908 area code. Before it bacame the P. Dungeon it was also called 9 planes of hell. I can not remember the software we used but I remember it sucked. I also had several co-sysops one of which was Taso Lyristis and Stephan Szabo. I think this is a cool list. It brought back memories…” – Chris Pingor

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