Batman is the product of white privilege

It’s a vague connection. I think it goes through Batman’s parents: Via wikipedia:

“A gifted surgeon and philanthropist, Dr. Thomas Wayne is the father of Bruce Wayne and the husband of Martha Wayne. He is the inheritor of the Wayne family fortune after Patrick Wayne, which was built through industry and real estate by previous generations.”

The father was a surgeon, a field traditionally dominated by white males. Philanthropy as well

Industry and real estate and multigenerational fortune are typically in the “white privilege” domain, as it having his parents shot and then being taken care of, as opposed to being sent to foster care.

I suppose the implication is there that, if batman’s parents were black, EVEN WITH the family fortune as it is, it’s possible that the Wayne company would have just sent little Bruce off to foster care and taken the family fortune for themselves, I dunno. I haven’t really analyzed it; just at first glance.

Also, look at his lifestyle.
He’s considered a hero.
If he was black, he’d be a criminal, even if his intentions were good.

I’m not saying these things are TRUE – I mean, this is a fictional character here, so it’s just adding fiction on top of fiction really tongue emoticon

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