BASIC and Microsoft Excel and FORTRAN all use a similar syntax.

You always remember your first.
This list of common paths people have taken when learning programming languages is very interesting.  This, of course, is a list of an older generation, as most of these “first languages” are considered obsolete in today’s programming environments and today’s “firsts” are going to be different. [I expect a future website like this to have things like LUA, Javascript, Python, PHP, Perl, HTML (ok not a real language but whatever), etc)

Still though, it’s amazing when one goes backwards-in-time from the language they first learned, to see where its roots are.  As BASIC for my Tandy Color Computer 2 was “My first”, I was surprised to realize that it was originally a replacement for FORTRAN; and looking at the way FORTRAN does formulas, explains why Microsoft Excel came so darned easily to me.  it’s nearly the same.  #mindblown

I’ve learned other languages than the ones in this family but honestly, until today, I didn’t even realize these particular three are in the same family.  [probably because Excel spreadsheets aren’t considered programming]

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