based on now based off of – bounced off of – language shift – my thoughts.

Losing battle for much of it though. Language morphs and changes. The way you and I write and speak might make past generations cringe with equal irritation. Still, good to hold people to some standards.

I tend to use “based off of” rather than “based on”. It carries a “bounce” sense rather than a ‘stable concrete footing” sense.

Think of photons reflecting off of a surface versus considering the surface to “have a color”. That’s how my mind sees things. I don’t know about others.

Of course “base” *should* have a sense of solid footing but I suspect the language shift is due to the similarity of the sound of “based” and “bounced” honestly.


Also consider the phrase “bouncing ideas off of you” and how there has been a shift in considering “facts” as “opinions”. There’s some sort of connection there. “based off of” abstracts the results slightly from the study, as if an opinion that could be potentially incorrect, rather than something set in a concrete base. I dunno – just thinking aloud :)

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