*Bandwidth of a Hug*
Bandwidth is the

^*Bandwidth of a Hug*
Bandwidth is the amount of information that can pass down a wire at one time..
It is exactly the same as comparing a garden hose to a firehose.
Or a highway with one lane versus a highway with 100 lanes wide.

Your senses of your body (sight (biggest bandwidth), touch, sound, smell, location, others) all make up the *bandwidth* of sensory *inputs* going into the mind, through the body.

The bandwidth of a hug, all of the touch and sight and smell and sound and sensation inputs all streaming in at once and passing back and forth during a hug is, I think, perhaps the most genuine way one person can say Thank You to another person.

Any other form of contact are just substitutes for a hug with various degrees of focus but always lower bandwidths. Mere straws.

(its always why an unwanted/rejected hug feels so creepy. So many inputs all at once…)^

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