Bad guys are hard to find:

^Bad guys are hard to find: I think toy manufacturers purposely make certain popular characters difficult to find. Bowser and Bowser Jr are nearly impossible to find under $18 (in a size that is about $8 if you get one of the common characters, which already is too much $$), as are regular turtle shells (the ones you kick around in Super Mario Bros) and the gold coins – but I found a cheat last week: Get Super Mario Chess which is currently going on sale for $35 on amazon and is about $50 if you can find it in your local Mall. It's got those hard-to-get characters – and the chess can be a nice bonus and with 32 pieces – that works out to about $1.10/piece rather than $7.99/piece for the few you can find. It even has "Birdo" – a pink funny looking "bad girl" who shows up the games but otherwise difficult to find. With 4.5 stars and 99 reviews, it should prove to be a good thing that can last a long time. The Good vs Evil component is, of course, will always be fun and it can complete a collection.^

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