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hi, i’ve subbed you before you posted the ‘I “think” subscribed back to everybody that subscribed to me on youtube’ vine and haven’t got your sub yet. just saying.



Hi Alex – sorry it took so long but I’m catching up :D


Miku (Christina)

Sup ken. It’s miku the one who role played ALOT. I miss the server. My mom caught me talking to Connor (Goku/Alphonse) and took my phone. now I can’t talk on the server ;-;.



omg! everybody asks about you!! I’m sorry you got caught :/ the way kids are treated by their parents when it comes to friendships/relationships turns my stomach sometimes.  They don’t realize the pain they cause.  After the age of 6, friends become more important than family – and more and more as time goes on.  They probably have ‘good intentions’ but if they could step in your shoes for just a few minutes… sigh well is there anybody I can mail on the server for you? I need your username (I forgot the whole thing :/) and the names of ppl you want to contact.  I’ll let each of them know, separately that you are thinking about them..  <3 you!

I’ve been on your server for 1 year! :D


Jack Moreland

Thanks Loads!!!
James Dunlop

dis guy is of da hook
James Dunlop

u are a nerd lol
James Dunlop

hey kenneth ive watched your videos and they have inspired me keep em coming your`s sincerely james dunlop

Hi ken, it’s me, Deanan, a.k.a Andre

thx for subing to me

Hi Ken it is AlexManatee. Um Today EnderChristian came to log in and tried to change the time and he couldnt he checked and he was demoted to AdvMember. If You can get back to me on this it would be very thankful bye.

Sup Ken its Goku/Alphonse =D

Hi, I know a few people on your server: SonGoku4190 and MasterSlayer7. I may be able to join you guys soon, too!
Kurumi Hellscythe Gaming

Dude Ken its Fres or Ian
Richard Branch

hey ken its david

This is my music channel :3 My AcheronGFX got hacked… O_o

Hey kenneth, thanks for liking our parody.. so in return i subscribed.

hey kenneth can me and u play minecraft sometime made a time and date to do it put it on my chanal kk thx

Upload “My reaction to Harlem Shale!” and call it “One of my friends reaction to Harlem Shake! XD”.
Creeper Hawk

Dude im having a contest for skin so ill be releasing a video w/ rules
Creeper Hawk

I love your channel thanks for subbing

This is Arsenol117! I just created a new account so.. Yeah! Subbed of smexyness.
Mason Newsom

Thank u person
Joshua 24 Thomas

whats up I’m thinking of having a giveaway

The GREAT and MIGHTY KEN has subbed me! Pure smexy.

Hi Ken! Is me Arsenol117 from your server. Just telling you that I subbed you :3
Skye Roshon

How the,,, I will get 139 subs too. now recordeing on Your Serverzzz
Heith Gagnon

Check out our outdoor channel from Michigan, we have alot of trapping ourselves, icefishing etc…Subscribe and comment on a few of our videos and let us no what you think…

dude we sould do a game play on minecraft together message me
Morocco Bean

can you tell some of your friends about my channel :)

Sure I will Nash – thanks for adding me :) and good to meet u.
Morocco Bean

Can you watch some of my video
Morocco Bean

kenneth I am Brennans brother

when i saw thi spage i was like woah!!!!!!!!!
Brennan Gorman

no problem Kenneth
Carpenter Villarreal

Everyone come to my channel i am going to be hosting a video on his server, a few others, Xbox, and Cod WaW Blackops 2 and Blackops 1
samuel lim

subscribe to naruto96031

hey kenneth thx for sub to me thnk you do you have a minecraft server tell me on my channel?

thanks ken! You are truly a great man! K

hey kenneth thx for the sub hope you enjoy my all video

HELLO ken nice channel mate :D [minehalf]


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