^Back in 1995, i thought about^

^Back in 1995, i thought about becoming a minister. Didn’t know what religion really, but I felt a calling. Went from church to church, talked to two dozen different ministers/pastors/rabbis/priests/religious leaders and still wasn’t satisfied. So, I thought, “Hm – how can I learn ABOUT ministry?” So, I created an online mailing list for ministers of all faiths ”
* Working with people on a one-to-one basis
* How to work with groups, either during service or out
* Community involvement
* Other forms of outreach including
* creating and maintaining youth groups
* attracting new members through advertising, word of mouth
* working with other denominations and religions
* helping members recognize their calling in life
* helping those with a call to ministry in the right path
* Working effectively with committees
* How to keep the faith and maintain professional integrity

it had a lot of leaders of nature religions, along with priests, rabbits, protestant ministers and people like myself. At its peak it had close to 1,000 members.

After running it for a couple of years, i passed the leadership on to the leader of a nature religion group (who I really should track down after 15 years!! She was cool people). i realized that there was less one-on-one than I thought and that no particular religion was “it” – until I looked in the Yellow Pages…^

Hey Amy :-) Alas, the Ministry list ran from 1995-1998 – no longer around (and I doubt there are any archives anywhere – this is VERY pre-Google – hard to believe). The yellow pages — well, yes, I did find god in the yellow pages for a couple of years. i called the one group I never checked out — i was working at a Catholic college as a data entry clerk (Seton Hall) and on my lunch break, I looked in the yellow pages and found something called “Russian Orthodox”. I called up. A woman answered – the priest’s wife (10 points) – who said that Father (10 points – i like when religious leaders are called Father or Mother) was out doing House Blessings (100 points – house blessings was a new concept to me and I was intrigued). Changed over to it, almost became a Monk, started learning Russian, ended up moving to Florida instead. But it was a heck of an experience!

i tend to be more into science / agnostic (“i don’t know”) nowadays – but I do love a good, honest spirituality when I see it – and anything that celebrates whats Good gets a thumbs up from me. i don’t like hard core anything – too unbalanced. I like a good balance.

—and yes – i love rituals — incense, candles, silver, gold – bring it all in. or go into a forest and celebrate nature – it’s all fantastic stuff – i’d say that for the past ten years, outdoors, looking up in the sky now and again, appreciating the diversity of life and everything surrounding us, the motion of the planets, galaxies, how the brain works, ant colonies – all of these things, fill me with such a sense of awe and amazement that it never gets dull.


-t’s so true – we are both so small in the grand scheme of things (humans exist for such a short time in history) and earth is so small in terms of the size of the Universe. and yet – we are extremely significant – for we are the only known “intelligent” life in the universe so far (maybe we’ll find someone else someday) – and if you believe in quantum mechanics then you may believe that observing actually changes things – then we REALLY are significant, while being insignificant at the same time. keeps you humble -and- proud at the same time. Yes – people always get caught up in people and forget to look up or down.

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