^Back in 1995, i thought about^

^Back in 1995, i thought about becoming a minister. Didn't know what religion really, but I felt a calling. Went from church to church, talked to two dozen different ministers/pastors/rabbis/priests/religious leaders and still wasn't satisfied. So, I thought, "Hm – how can I learn ABOUT ministry?" So, I created an online mailing list for ministers of all faiths "
* Working with people on a one-to-one basis
* How to work with groups, either during service or out
* Community involvement
* Other forms of outreach including
* creating and maintaining youth groups
* attracting new members through advertising, word of mouth
* working with other denominations and religions
* helping members recognize their calling in life
* helping those with a call to ministry in the right path
* Working effectively with committees
* How to keep the faith and maintain professional integrity
it had a lot of leaders of nature religions, along with priests, rabbits, protestant ministers and people like myself. At its peak it had close to 1,000 members.

After running it for a couple of years, i passed the leadership on to the leader of a nature religion group (who I really should track down after 15 years!! She was cool people). i realized that there was less one-on-one than I thought and that no particular religion was "it" – until I looked in the Yellow Pages…^

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