Aznar Sánchez de Larraún is your 34th great grandfather.

Looking at far off connections via geni:

Aznar Sánchez de Larraún is your 34th great grandfather.

Aznar Sánchez de Larraun or Pamplona, born around 858, probably in Larraun, and died around 890, was a member of the nobility of the kingdom of Pamplona in the 9th century. He is the son of Sanche Garcés, himself son of the king of Pamplona Garcia I and Urrache.


… skipping a few

→ Jesse Leonard Rogers
→ Frank Alfred Rogers
→ Jesse Norton Rogers
→ Laura Ann Rogers
→ Patty Norton
→ Hannah Brocket
→ Hannah Jacobs
→ Elizabeth Dayton
→ Elizabeth Merriman
→ Sarah Brown
→ Sarah Wilson
→ Reverend John Jones
→ Reverend William Jones
→ Constance Morgan
→ Elizabeth Morgan
→ Joan Vaughan
→ Constance Whitney
→ Eleanor Tuchet
→ Constance, Countess of Gloucester
→ Isabella of Castile, Duchess consort of York
→ María Fernández de Padilla Fernández de Henestrosa
→ María Fernández de Henestrosa, Señora de Coviellas
→ Maria de Henestrosa (de Asturias)
→ Arias Díaz de Valderabano de Asturias
→ Diego Ramírez Froilaz, señor de Mansilla y Rueda
→ Fruela Ramírez de Cifuentes
→ Ramiro Sánchez Froilaz de Cifuentes
→ Fruela Diaz de Cifuentes
→ María Peláez de Cisneros
→ Mayor González, Muniz
→ Gontroda Núñez
→ Velasquita Sánchez de Pamplona
→ Toda Aznarez Queen-Consort of Pamplona
→ Aznar Sánchez de Larraún

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