Awesome – well you have another 1972er water rat.

Awesome – well you have another 1972er water rat. Observe at will. I welcome any findings ’cause what I perceive isn’t all that can be seen and I always learn something from other perspectives. [even if you don’t share findings it’s cool too. I don’t mind being a Case Study…that is unless it’s the case study of a corpse. I’m not ready yet]



ok – I gave him 2 minutes. You’re right!

Positives: He’s got the timing down pat. The vibrato works too.
Negative: He overshoots and undershoots the notes – which is SOMEWHAT a part of the style itself… but never never actually hits them. More like hovering around them just.. not quite ‘there’.


Well, thing is, he’s not awful. I’ve heard far worse even in multi-million dollar singers. Overall, it’s a great show and I could forgive missing notes as long as the ticket prices weren’t too high but…

.. what he needs is some target practice with notes. He’s got everything else down pat. Quite impressive. Maybe he could be a little smoother with the body motions (a little more of the “cool ‘I don’t really care” Crosby style) – but it’s not critical.

I’d suggest random sine waves in his vocal range and he has to hit them. Dead on. He only gets 3 seconds then on to the next one. boom boom boom boom, and have a computer track his accuracy.

He’ll be on-key in no time.





He’s lucky he can. He’s good enough for it. Could do better but it’s enough to bring in crowds and pay the bills. Doesn’t seem like a bad life. I couldn’t do it. If I *had* to, I’d probably collect a whole bunch of stories about his grandfather: there’s no point about him talking about himself. The stories about his grandpa will work the crowds just fine.


I could hit all the notes dead on but I couldn’t do the particular vibrato, memorize all the lyrics (ok I could do that), watch the crowd while I’m singing or have the timing precise. Where he’s good he’s good but yeah, needs work.

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