autism, theoretical physics, black holes, hawking and Kenneth Udut

I long suspected I’m on the autistic spectrum.  I’m 43, and when I learned about Autism at 14 yrs old,  it was still the extreme variety.  They hadn’t expanded it yet.  [not until the early 90s]

My 10th grade Science teacher back in 1988 suggested I pursue Theoretical Physics, as I had written a great paper on Black Holes which, he said had “unique conceptualizations of Theoretical Physics” in it.  Hawking hadn’t published his book yet ’til a few months later. (brief history of time) I was annoyed when he did ’cause my 10 page high school paper was better and I didn’t like his ideas about Time.

Anyway, didn’t pursue it as a life-course, but I’ve always pursued it as an “interest” and try to stay on top of it.  I’ve never lost my love for theoretical physics and hope you can get in the field – and even if you don’t, it’s not a problem; whether you make money at it, or do it on the side, it’s just as satisfying.

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